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Some say that I am insane...

...I guess they're right!

ooookay... let's try some English...
What's to say about me?...
Nearly always dressed in black, growing hair (I want it longer^^)... Most of the time I'm VERY silent, but my music usually is pretty loud *insert dirty pirate laughter here* XD
I have a certain fondness of "dark" and "dreary" things (e.g. Pictures, as you can see below)
Most of the poeple who meet me could think that I don't care about anything in the world, 'cause I tend to hide my emotions & thoughts behind a rather "cold" (or sometimes) silly facade... Perhaps you can make it short and say that I'm full of extremes (if that's good or not?... Hell, I don't know oO)

for now, I leave it at those "informations" about me, cya ^^

P.S: If you want to know what music I'm hearing, visit http://www.lastfm.de/user/DraconNoctem
or visit http://www.youtube.com/draconnecros
On the youtube adress you'll find my favourite videos on youtube (most of them are music videos, but I'm adding "new" favourites all the time)

Just for fun... some weather informations, which are for me of interest (how comes they don't have Trier in their list?)
from left to right: Hahn (closest I could find to Trier), Saarbrücken, Farmingdale ^^
The WeatherPixie The WeatherPixie The WeatherPixie

and for those (like me) who can't recalculate that from km/h, °C etc into mph & °F etc
The WeatherPixie The WeatherPixie The WeatherPixie